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Our Address

Rua Francisco Albuquerque, 1059
Campo Mourão – Paraná
Near the Church Matriz São José


(44) 3518-2422

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How to come

Coming from Maringá, Londrina or São Paulo (BR 158)

Av Capitão Índio Bandeira to Rua Brasil, passing in front of St. Joseph Cathedral, Avenida Irmãos Pereira, turn left, go to the middle of the block to get in Paraná Palace Hotel

Coming from Guarapuava, Curitiba, Toledo or Cascavel (Br 487 )

Way Av. Miguel Luiz Pereira until Av. Irmãos Pereira, turn right and go to the middle of the block until to get in Paraná Palace Hotel

Meet Campo Mourão

Paraná Palace Hotel is located in Campo Mourão city, county Midwestern state of Parana. A young city, with more than 80 000 inhabitants, where they can breathe fresh air and the roads meet. Privileged by its location, Campo Mourão is the largest road crossing the Paraná (one of the biggest in the country) and is about 320 km from Foz do Iguacu (PR), 460 km from Curitiba (PR) and 750 km from São Paulo (SP) . With this, is integrated throughout the highway network, with access to the states of São Paulo, Mato Grosso do Sul, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, as well as for the Mercosur countries, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Municipal Theatre

One of the most beautiful and equipped theaters in southern Brazil, which has hosted some of the best artists from Brazil, and attractions from all over the world.


Established on December 8, 1942, by D. Manoel Koemer and installed on March 19, 1943. Important religious monument, one of the most beautiful churches of Paraná its history is intertwined with the history of Campo Mourão.

Park Exhibition

The Exhibition is where is the national celebration of the ram in the hole. Which every year receives thousands of visitors from all over Brazil. During the week of the event, the city is full of people, including other countries. Auctions, food, shows, folkloric presentations and a typical dish that is served on the last day of the festival, ending the event in style.

Lake Park

The Lake Park offers a walking track, with 2300 meters, passing through the forest. Orifice outdoor gardens complete this beautiful lake and scenery. With an area of ​​22.9 ha., within the city limits, is the business card section of the city and leisure for everyone.

Fountain – Lake Park

Blue Lake State Park

With extension of 11.3 km, stores about 70 million cubic meters of water. Suitable place for water sports such as water-skiing, jet skiing, boating, kayaking and sport fishing. Along the lake we can count on an extensive green area and various associations of summer.

Campo Mourão has a subtropical climate, has a fertile soil, since it is situated in a region with the best and most productive lands of Paraná. The city and its tourist and cultural attractions, a calendar of events has already traditional with great repercussions, including international and is the FEAST OF THE NATIONAL SHEEP IN HOLE, held in July.

Sheep in the Hole

The history of “Sheep in the Hole”, a typical dish of Campo Mourão (PR), begins around 1580 with the arrival of the Jesuits to the South American continent. Through contact between the conquerors and the Indians, there were exchanges of customs. With that the Spaniards acquired the habit of cooking meat wrapped in banana leaves. The fire was made ​​in a hole dug in the ground, thus avoiding the risk of fire and allow the meat be kept for two or three days. By 1960, a group of Mourãoense watched the film a western movie where a similar dish was prepared, but with mutton. The group left the theater directly for the preparation of the new delicacy. After some adjustments, which made it more appetizing dish, the recipe was finally ready. Today, the “Sheep in the Hole” is one of the main dishes of the Paraná and a big annual event, keeping alive the flavor of this delightful tradition of Campo Mourão and the colonialists.